Plumbing services

If you’re experiencing any problems with your plumbing or want new appliances installed in your property, Honesty Services is here to help. We offer reliable and effective plumbing services in North and South Carolina. Our services include a comprehensive list of repairs, replacements, and installations for all your plumbing needs. We have water heater services, hydro jetting services, sewer and gas line repairs, and more. Book an appointment today if you are experiencing any problems on your property. Our experienced plumbers service residiential and commercial properties in Charlotte, Clover, York County, Gastonia, Columbia, Asheville, Concord, Monroe, and more.

Water Heater Service

If your water heater is leaking, pumping rusty or cloudy water, or is old, it’s time for a repair or replacement. Our expert
plumbers ensure you always have hot water on demand with our services.

By having your water heater regularly maintained, you can extend its lifespan and avoid more costly repairs.

Common Problems that Require Water Heater Service

When you call the experts at Honesty Services for your water heater issues, we’ll check these issues first to rule them out:

 Thermostat: If your water heater is not producing hot water, or your water is too hot, it could be the thermostat at fault. The thermostat controls the temperature on the water heater.

Man fixing a water heater

Electrical Failure: The average water heater relies on a number of electrical components to function properly. If your water heater has corroded or disconnected wires, you may experience issues.

Physical Damage: Many systems get cracked or dented. If you have visible damage on your water heater, it may be time for a replacement.

Whether you’re looking for commercial water heater repair or residential water heater repair, Honesty Serives always offers thorough and comprehensive service that Carolina residents can trust.

Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater??

If you are experiencing any of the following from you water heater, it may be time to have a replacement installed:

  • The water heater requires constant repairs.
  • Your water and energy bills are rising.
  • The water heater no longer fits your needs.
  • The water heater is over 10-15 years old.

If any of these apply to you or your family, it may be time to consider a new water heater.

Drain Cleaning Service

Are your drains clogged and dirty? Call the drain cleaning professionals at Honesty Services! Our qualified technicians will quickly and safely clean your drains.

Over time, drains in homes and businesses in North and South Carolina Over the years, North and South Carolina get clogged up by grease and debris. May drains get filled with hair, food, oil, skin flakes, and other debris that build up and create a clog that is difficult to remove. Honesty Services provides safe and effective commercial and residential drain cleaning services to keep your drains functioning properly.


Man cleaning a drain

What Are the Signs that Drain Cleaning is Needed?

May Carolina homeowners can benefit from drain cleaning. Some signs that you may need drain cleaning include:

  • Your sink or tub has slow-moving or standing water.
  • Your drains are emitting a foul odor.
  • Toilets have difficulty flushing.
  • After flushing, toilets take a long time to fill up.

What Are the Benefits of Drain Cleaning?

The most common drain cleaing method for homeowners in North and South Carolina consists of pouring chemical drain cleaner down the drain. Chemical drain cleaners are actually quite dangerous and damange drains and plumbing.

Honesty Services recommends professional drain cleaning over chemical drain cleaners. Professional drain cleaning is completely safe and far more effective. Regular drain cleaning will improve the quality and longevity of your drains and pipes.

Kitchen Plumbing Service

The kitchen is a vital part of any home. It’s important to make sure your kitchen plumbing is performing correctly at all times. The technicians at Honesty Services provide quality kitchen plumbing repair and isntallation services for residential and commercial clients in North and South Carolina


Man with wrench tightening a pipe

Common Faucet Issues

Nothing is more frustrating than a faucet that drips or leaks. Here is a list of the most common faucet problems:

Worn Out O-Rings: The O-ring is a small disc that seals the stem screw and the faucet handle. If your faucet drips around the handle, this can typically be attributed to a worn out O-ring.

Broken Washers: Over time, washers experience wear and tear. Eventually, a worn out washer will break and cause a leak in your faucet.

Damaged Valve Seat: The spout and faucet are connected by the valve seat. As sediment builds up over time, it causes corrocion of the valve seat. This corrosian can lead to leaks around the spout.

How to Prevent Garbage Disposal Repair Issues

The typical garbage disposal sees a lot of use. This means constant wear and tear on the unit. While a replacement may eventually be necessary, there are several things you can do to prevent problems with your disposal:

  • Never put bones, shells, or other hard materials in the disposal.
  • When you dispose of large amounts of material, do it in stages so as not to jam the unit.
  • Always run warm water through the disposal after each use. This will help to clean the blades.
  • Never attempt to repair the garbage disposal yourself. For safety’s sake, leave all garbage disposal repair or garbage disposal installation to the professionals.

Slab Leak Repair Service

Stop slab leaks before they cause extensive damage to your home or business.

A slab leak can cause a lot of stress for any homeowner or business owener. Slab leaks occur underneath the concrete slab that supports your home or business. Often times, these leaks go undetected and can cause extensive damage to the foundation. Water will erode the sand and dirt that supports your slab. At Honesty Services, we offer safe and effective commercial and residential slab leak repar in North and South Carolina.


Water leaking from concrete slab

What Causes a Slab Leak?

Several factors can contribute to a slab leak. Some of the most common factors include the following:

  • Worn out or damaged pipes from using chemical drain cleaners.
  • Sudden ground shifts caused by major weather events or earthquakes.
  • Vibrations from water flowing through the pipes that result in the pipes rubbing the against the rebar.

Signs You May Have a Slab Leak

Keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms in your home or business that may indicate the need for professional slab leak repair:

  • The sound of rushing water coming from your floor or basement.
  • Mold growth on the walls or floors
  • Abnormally large water bills.
  • Floors or walls with cold spots.
  • Standing water near the foundation of your home or business.
  • Floors or walls with water stains.

If you notice any of these signs around your home or business, call Honesty Services right away for a professional opinion. Slab leaks need to be repaired immediately before causing further damage to your foundation.

Tankless Water Heater Service

Tankless water heaters have many benefits. Contact us today to find out if a tankless water heater could be the right fit for you. At Honesty Services, we’ll handle all your tankless water heater repair and installation services.

Many homeowners in North and South Carolina are switching to tankless water heaters. These units offer many benefits that almost anyone can take advantage of. At Honesty Services, we specialize tankless water heater maintenance and installation services for homeowners and business owners.

Tankless water heaters

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Tankless water heaters eliminate the need for a bulky hot water tank by connecting directly into the plumbing system of your home or business.. When hot water is turned on at the faucet, a series of high-efficiency heating elements are used to quickly heat the water as it passes through the system.

Once the hot water is turned off, the heating elements go into standby mode until they are needed.

What Are the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters?

Here are some of the main benefits to using a tankless water heater in your home or office:

Energy Savings: Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless units only heat water as it is needed, which provides extra energy savings each month.

Environmentally Friendly: Not only are tankless water heaters more efficient, they also have a reduced carbon footprint, making a tankless water heater installation a great move to make your home more green.

Space Saving: Tankless water heaters are ideal for smaller spaces as they take up less space than traditional units.

Fewer Repairs: With less moving parts, these units typically need fewer repairs than standard water heaters, leading to even more cost savings.

Unlimited Hot Water: Traditional water heaters will run out of water once the tank is empty. Tankless water heaters are connected directly to the plumbing, giving you access to unlimited hot water.

Hydro Jetting Service

The hydro jetting services from Honesty Services can safely and effectively remove years of built-up clogs and blockages in your drains.

Have you ever experienced a clogged drain that was impossible to clear, even with a drain snake? Clogs like these are common in homes and businesses, Debris like hair, skin flakes, grease, oil, and food will collect and harden in the drain. With stubbon clogs like these, Hydro jetting is th eonly option. At Honesty Services, we use hydro jetting as a cost-effective, safe method to remve stubborn and recurring clogs from commercial and residential drains.

How Does Hydrojetting Work?

The most effective means to clear years of debris from your drains, Hydro jetting uses a highly pressured jet of reverse-action water. This allows our experienced professionals to quickly and safely dislodge clogs from the walls of your pipes.

Hydrojetting service

Hydrojetting has the added benefit of smoothing the inner walls of your pipes, clearing away any rough patches where recurring clogs often settle.

Preventing Clogged Drains

Here are some tips and tricks to help prevent clogs from collecting in the drain:

  • Place food and hair screens over all drains.
  • Never pour grease or oil down into your drains.
  • Invest in regular drain cleaning and hydrojetting when drains become clogged.
  • Never use chemical drain cleaners.
  • On a weekly basis, pour hot water down the drain to rinse out the drain and dislodge clogs before they can harden.

Bathroom Redmodeling Service

Honesty Services  offers cost-effective bathroom remodeling and renovations in North and South Carolina. 

Upgrading your bathroom adds value to your home. At Honesty Services we specialize in high-quality bathroom remodeling services.

A well-renovated bathroom is a true sight to behold. Today, some of the biggest bathroom trends are inspired by spas with tranquil and minimalist aesthetics. If your bathroom is a source of discontent in your home, consider investing in our bathroom remodeling services.

Reasons to Replace Your Tub or Shower

Replacing your tub or shower can be one of of the biggest changes you can make to your bathroom. There are many reasons to replace your shower and bathtub. Some of the most significant reasons inclue:

A remodeled bathroom with white tiles and a gray floor
  • The tub or shower is leaking or physically damaged.
  • It is old and showing signs of wear and tear.
  • You are renovating other aspects of your bathroom, and the shower or tub does not match your new aesthetic.

Benefits of Replacing Your Sink and Faucets

A new vanity with new fixtures can be a fantastic focal point for a bathroom remodeling project. This renovation can give your bathroom an instant facelift. Some reasons why many Carolina homeowners replace their sink or faucet include:


  • If the faucet is constantly dripping, leaking and requires frequent repairs.
  • Newer faucets are more efficient, and conserve water.
  • New fixtures are designed to last longer than older fixtures.
  • If the drain basket or seal flange is broken on the sink, it’s time for a replacement.
  • If the current model is leaking, it’s time to replace the entire fixture. Water dripping onto  the vanity will eventually cause rot and mold.

Water Softeners Service

If hard water is wreaking havoc on your home, contact us today and ask the experts at Honesty Services about installing a new water softener. Our water softener repair and installation services protect your home against hard water damage.

Water is classified as being “hard” when it contains and abundance of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It’s common in residential areas that use well systems instead of municipal water. Hard water has many negative effects on your home. Honesty Services works to eliminate these negative effects with professional commercial and residential water softener installation and water softener repair services.

A water softener installation

How Does a Water Softener Work?

For homeowners in the Carolinas, especially areas like Concord, Monroe, Gastonia, and Rock Hill, water softener technology is a much-needed method to remove the negative effects of hard water from the home. These units consist of a separate tank filled with specialized salts. As water passes through the salt, the sodium ions bind to the magnesium and calcium in the water, neutralizing it in the process. When the water leaves the tank, it’s left clean, fresh and free of harmful minerals.

What Are the Signs that You Need a Water Softener?

When it comes to installing a new water softener, Carolina homeowners and commercial building owners should look for the following problems in their home:

  • Scale buildup on your fixtures, water heater or in your pipes.
  • Bad tasting water.
  • Foul smelling water.
  • Difficulty lathering soap.
  • When soap lathers, it creates a sticky film that is difficult to clean.
  • Yellow stains on clothing from the laundry.

Any number of these issues indicate the presence of hard water. Specifically, scale is dangerous because it speeds up the corrosion process and results in premature replacement of vital plumbing appliances like the water heater and other fixtures.

Burst Pipe Repair

When you need fast and reliable water pipe repair in your home or business, call Honesty Services right away to reduce damage and save you money.

A burst pipe is a nightmare to deal with. These issues often occur unexpectedly and leave behind extensive water damage. In a matter of moments, your home could be flooded with cold water rushing out of the ruptured pipe. At Honesty Services, we help homeowners with fast and effective burst or leaking pipe repair in the Carolinas.

Common Factors that Contribute to a Burst Pipe

In many cases, burst pipes occur suddenly and unexpectedly. However, there are many factors that lead to ruptures and burst pipes in your home. Here are some of the most common causes:

A pipe spraying water

Freezing: When water in your pipes freezes, the expanding ice puts a great deal of pressure on the inner pipe wall.

Corrosion: Using chemical drain cleanings in your pipes results in corrosion and weakening of the pipe wall.

Clogs: Clogged drains or toilets also contribute to burst pipes.

Prevent Water Damage with Plumbing Leak Repair

While a burst pipe results in an excess amount of water damaging your home or commercial property, small leaks and cracks in your pipes can cause even more damage if they are left unchecked over a long period of time. We will usually opt for one of these three water leak detection service options:

Meter Testing: By testing the water pressure in your pipe and comparing it to a healthy pipe, we can determine if there is a leak.

Dig and Drill: Digging and drilling into your floor or wall will expose the leak and provide the best opportunity to repair it quickly.

Sewer Line Service

Honesty Services provides affordable, efficient work for sewer lines. Experience the difference with our professional team today.

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

There are many signs and indications that your sewer line could be in trouble. Be on the lookout for the following signs in your home or business:

Installing a new sewer line
  • Gurgling noises coming from the drain.
  • Foul smells coming from the drain.
  • Water draining improperly.
  • Debris and residue coming back up from the drains.

If you notice any of these happening in your home or business, call Honesty Services right away for professional sewer line replacement and repair services.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Issues

Some of the most common causes of sewer line problems include:

Root Systems: Roots always reach for a fresh water source, regardless of where it is. In some cases, this can lead them to burst through your sewer line.

Temperature Spikes: Sudden temperature spikes can cause the ground to shift. This can cause the sewer line to potentially disconnect or break and require emergency sewer line repair.

Outdated Pipelines: Over time, your sewer line will experience a lot ofwear and tear. When your line becomes damaged, it’s a good idea to have a new sewer line installed to prevent further issues.

Clogged Toilet Repair

A clogged toilet needs fast and reliable repair. The next time you need repair on a clogged toilet, trust the experts at Honesty Services.

Seeing the water rising in your toilet instead of flushing down can cause a panic. Clogged toilets are a common issue for many homes and business. At Honesty Services, our expert technicians will provided fast and effective relief from clogged toilet emergencies.

What Causes Clogged Toilets?

Clogged toilets are usually caused by one of two problems. When you call the professionals at Honesty Services, we’ll put your clog into one of these two categories:

Man plunging a toilet

Simple Clogs: Simple clogs are usually caused by too much organic material, toilet paper, or non-water soluble items like diapers and other personal care products. Simple clogs are more common in homes with small children.

Foreign Objects: Some of the more stubborn clogs are caused by foreign objects in the toilet. Children can be the main contributing factor for attempting to flush foreign objects down the toilet. In many cases, toys, toothbrushes, glasses, cell phones, and even shampoo bottles get flushed down the toilet.

Preventing Clogged Toilet Repair

Honesty Services is always available to help you when you need a clogged toilet fixed fast. However, you’ll ideally want to avoid the situation altogether. Here are a few professional tips on avoiding clogged toilets:

  • Install a childproof lock on the toilet seat if you have young children.
  • Keep a garbage can next to the toilet for non-water soluble items like diapers.
  • Flush multiple times if necessary.
  • Use less toilet paper when possible.
  • If your toilet is always getting clogged, it may be due to an outdated unit. Replacing your toilet with a newer model can help.

Water Filtration Systems

Installing a new water filtration system will help to protect your family and provide you with fresh, clean water.

Are you sure about the quality of your water? You might never know that you water is filled with bacteria, minerals, and other impurities that could be hamfrul to you and your family. At Honesty Services, our professional team specializes in the maintenance and installation of quality water filtration systems in North and South Carolina.

An Overview of Water Filtration Systems

When you are deciding on a new water filtration system, you need to choose a system that will work best for your unique needs. There are several different kinds of filtration systems on the market that work well under different circumstances. Here are some of the different varieties:

Carbon Filters: This typ of filter uses active carbon to filter impurities from your water. As water passes through the unit, impurities are trapped, leaving you with fresh, clean water.

Water filtration system in a basement

Reverse Osmosis: This method of water filtration uses reverse osmosis to move the water from a high ion solution to a low ion solution. This innovative filtration method provides crisp, clean water.

Water Softeners: Hard water requires a water softening system. Using a tank full of specialized salts, water is cleaned of harmful minerals that can damage your plumbing, leaving you with clean and safe water.

Why Should You Install a Water Filtration System?

There are many benefits to installing a water filtration system in your home or business. Some of the most important include:

  • Ensuring peace of mind that you water is safe to drink.
  • Savings from not purchasing bottled water.
  • Safety from sickness and diseases.

Gas Line Service

Are you smelling gas in your home or business? This is likely being caused by a serious gas line leak. Call Honesty Services today and speak with our professional gas line repair and replacement team. Protect your home and your family by getting the quality help that you need.

Natural gas is an efficient source of fule used by many residential homes and commercial buildings in the Carolinas. Gas can be used for heating, plumbing appliances, and much more. However, when a gas line leaks, it is a serious issue. Gas is a toxic fume that is easily combustable. Luckily, Honesty Services is here to provide quick gas line leak repair to keep your home or office safe.

Gas meter diagram

 Common Signs of a Gas Leak

If your power or plumbing appliances use gas, you need to watch for the following symptoms of a gas line leak:

Smelling Rotten Eggs: Natural gas has no odor or color on its own. Luckily, gas companies put in an additive that cause it to smell like rotton eggs for easier detection.

Hissing Noises: When a gas line has a tear or gash in it, the escaping natural gas often causes a hissing noise to come from the damaged line.

Dead Grass: Underground leaks can be spotted by observing the grass and vegetation in the area. If you notice a patch of dead grass or vegetation over one of your gas lines, it is more than likely that you have a leak.

Reasons to Install a New Gas Line

There are a lot of reasons why a homeowner or business owner might need a gas line replacement or installation service. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Your home or business is switching to natural gas as a fuel source.
  • A new addition is being installed.
  • New construction.
  • Your current gas line is leaking constantly and need multiple repairs.
  • Your current gas line is old and outdated.
  • Your gas appliances need upgrading.

Repiping Service

Are your Durapex pipes causing you problems? Is your home in need of a repiping service? If the pipes in your home or office are in need of repair, constantly leaking, or just old and worn out, a repiping service could be your best choice. Call Honesty Services today and find out more about the cost-effective repiping services we offer.


Plumber tightening a pipe

Signs You Need a Repiping Service

In many cases, residential and commercial clients only need to repair their pipes. However, sometimes repiping is the best option. Look for the following signs that indicating a repiping might be in your future:

  • There is a change in the smell or color of your water.
  • Your water pressure has dropped.
  • Your steel pipes are old and worn.
  • Your water bills are rising.
  • You are having to frequently repair your existing pipes.

Sump Pump Service

Is your sump pump operating at peak efficiency? At Honesty Services, we provide comprehensive sump pump repair and installation to keep your basement or celler safe from water damage.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

A sump pump is the best way to keep water from your basement. Residents in North and South Carolina know that a sump pump is vital in the winter time and during heavy rains. Sump pumps use a series of French drains to collect water into a tank buried under your basement or cellar. Once the tank fills, the pump will activate and transport the water out of the tank and away from your home.

An installed sump pump

Types of Sump Pumps

If you’re getting ready to replace your sump pump, it’s important to choose the right model for your unique needs. Here are some of the options currently on the market:

Submersible Unit

This type of sump pump can be fully submerged in water without suffering any damage. Submersible units are perfect for buildings that need a sump pump on a regular basis. This type of pump actually pumps water at a higher rate per minute and is more durable.

Pedestal Pump

This type of sump pump sits on a pedastal on top of the tank. It cannot be submerged in water and pumps at a slower rate than a submersible unit. This makes it the ideal choice for buildings that only need a sump pump for emergency purposes.

Well Pump Replacement & Repair Service

Wells are a common water source for many homeowners in the Carolinas. The well pump is arguably the most important component in a well system. When the well pump malfunctions, the whole system will not work. If you’re experiencing issues with your well pump, let the experts at Honesty Services help! Our professional team offers well pump repair and replacement services for homes and businesses.

Common Signs of Problems in Well Pumps

Well pumps extract water from your well for use in the home or office. When the pump malfunctions, you may experience several issues. Here are the most common signs of a malfunctioning well pump:

  • Your energy bills are abnormally high.
  • Your faucets are emitting a spitting sound
  • Your faucets or toilets are making strange noises.
  • Your water is dirty.
A newly installed well pump

When is it Time to Replace Your Well Pump?

There are a few tell-tale signs that your well pump is in need of replacement. Most pumps need replaceing after 10-15 years. After this point, they start to lose their efficiency. In this case, a new pump would help to save money on your energy bills. Outdated pump models can also make it difficult to acquire service parts, which may make repair impossible. For assistance with your well pump, call the experts at Honesty Services today!